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Life Is What You Make It!!

**Long Transparent Post, Attention Single Moms** Yep-Yep, 2018 has been a DOOZY for us and this pic pretty much sums up our life! I’m always laughing making life lemonade out of lemons, Aiden’s the chill one waiting for direction, and Austin’s Mr. Adventure, always on the go!! 😂😂 The morning of this pic (12.16.18) was ROUGH. I was supposed to get the boys to the barber Coach Thomas on Saturday but my plans were derailed😩 So, I ended up cutting their hair myself (as I’ve done for years) before we went to church. After I finally got them dressed and was attempting to get myself together, I heard THE LOUDEST THUMP EVER and my heart dropped.😰I almost broke my ankle running to their bedroom to see what happened!!! Yep, it was Austin, he fell head first off the top bunk of his new bed on to Aiden’s Noah’s Ark.🙀😵🤯😳😖 I was hysterical, Austin was in pain🤕 and Aiden was in utter shock and disbelief as he kept looking perplexed😲🧐from the bed to Austin on the floor!! I got the boys and myself as calm as I could to put some ice on Austin’s forehead to help with the swelling. Yep I fussed for a brief moment, but I sat and held him as a nurturing mommy would do until he was calm enough to hold the ice himself. I eventually got my clothes on and as we were walking to the door heading to church, I couldn’t find my keys.🤦🏽‍♀️🙄😒 After I searched for 20 min I finally found them where I looked 10 times, in my bag.😑 This morning I wanted to throw up my hands and say, forget it we’re not going to church because by this time, we’re already late, I mean LATE LATE! So I pushed beyond my frustrations and anxieties and went on anyway. By the time I got to the church we were an HOUR and 38 MINUTES LATE!!!! BUT WE MADE IT!!!🥳🥳🥳 Moral of the story, sometimes, most times- as a single parent you have to roll with the punches and do the BEST you can!! Parenting isn’t about being perfect or 100% punctual, because let’s just be honest, that almost NEVER happens!! Lol! God knew you would be just were you are at this very moment and he’s given you the strength and grace to master your situation like a BOSS!!😎 I love my babies and wouldn’t trade them or my now life for ANYTHING!! Yes, single parenting is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but God favors us TREMENDOUSLY, we’ve NEVER lacked and He’s given me the dopeness to make it look easy!😎 I don’t look like what I’ve been through, and where we’re going hasn’t been revealed in its fullness but you BEST believe we’re destined for greatness!!!🥳🥳🥂 📸: Alexia Carter💕 #BrokenWomenWin #DopestSingleMomOnThePlanet

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