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Life's An Ultimate Teacher

Today I woke up emotional....due to a particular mountain I continue to see in my life that frightens the hell out of me, which may not be a bad thing!

As I sat today reflecting, I've tried to figure out what's the lesson in it all. I'm finally realizing this mountain was trying to give me my passion back for my craft and drive for excellence. You see, I've been through so many years of struggle and lack that when breakthrough arrived in a particular area I fell off my grind/hustle due to emotional, physical and mental exhaustion. I labeled myself "human" as we all do when justifying our sloth. But these hard times in my life has taught me that nothing comes easy...especially walking in your calling and embodying your hearts desires. There's a working and tilling of very hard ground and after that comes foundation laying. Today I realize, I've been sitting around waiting for help, waiting for someone to physically do the job for me as I lay back and bask in the results to come. But thing is, no one will ever work your passion better than you. No one will ever walk in your calling like you will. Struggle always brings about a newfound perspective of how much God is a deliverer! In these times I've been drawn closer to God and his strength and love for me. So instead of looking at mountains a hard obstacle to climb, simply speak to it and watch God work. Selah.

Jesus was matter-of-fact: “Embrace this God-life. Really embrace it, and nothing will be too much for you. This mountain, for instance: Just say, ‘Go jump in the lake’—no shuffling or shilly-shallying—and it’s as good as done. That’s why I urge you to pray for absolutely everything, ranging from small to large. Include everything as you embrace this God-life, and you’ll get God’s everything. And when you assume the posture of prayer, remember that it’s not all asking. If you have anything against someone, forgive—only then will your heavenly Father be inclined to also wipe your slate clean of sins.” ~Mark 11:23-25 MSG




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