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The Pursuit of Peace

As I sit here reflecting over my life there's a question I ask myself....what's next. After experiencing most major hurdles and accomplishments in life what am I left to strive for or achieve? Well, some may say to go back to school but is that really fulfilling? I pride myself on being a great wife, awesome mother, witty daughter, cool big sister and spectacular friend. Truth is, I fall short and I'm quickly reminded that I'm human. I'm reminded that there's no perfect being or perfect being in a perfect situation. I've sought peace in so many different areas of my life and they all bring me back to the same place....God. Peace, happiness and joy from achieving what seemed to be hard or impossible only comes from within and that peace and joy from within can only be attained through Christ. As much as I adore being a mother and take pride in being a wife and all of the other "litty" titles I gave myself above, there's was still something missing. Something my children nor my husband could provide me with! There's too much weight and responsibility placed on those we love and surround ourselves's not their responsibility to be the very essence of our joy and happiness! in this season of my life, I'd like to consider myself a minimalist....and most of what I've wanted God has granted. However, I can say shoulders straight and head held high that ALL of what I've needed He's provided! One of the greatest needs I was desperate for was my Heavenly Father's redemption and peace. But what I've found myself chasing after more than anything I've ever petitioned God for is freedom to offer this same peace to those who are seeking and feeling lost....just as I was... Turn your back on sin; do something good. Embrace peace—don’t let it get away! Psalm 34:14 MSG




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