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Defected Connections

I'm not afraid of missteps, losing or having to press the reset button on life; I've been there...already survived that. What I'm most leery of is being connected to the wrong people when I'm winning. As quiet as it may be kept, there are some who only hang on to you just to keep tabs on your progress...or lack there of. They're not all the way FOR you or AGAINST you...they're lukewarm. They half way celebrate your achievements then rip you apart behind the scenes. These are the ones you feel uneasy around/talking to. They know ALL about you but theyre noticeably private when divulging anything about themselves. You can't quite put your finger on it but you know in your spirit something ain't right. Your energy shifts and you don't feel celebrated when interacting with them....more tolerated if anything. There's lack of support and honesty you root for them more than they will ever root for you. You know they don't mind you being better....just not better than them. Yep, hard pill to swallow but what's even harder to deal with is the fact that YOU keep feeding a situation that's ultimately working against you. This doesn't necessarily make them bad people, just people who no longer serve the same purpose in your life as they once did. Sometimes you gotta learn to love from a distance and that's okay too! I've taken so many L's in my life and it genuinely drives me to want everyone to win! I hate to see people hurting and in lack, but what I hate more is those who find joy in knowing your struggle and refuse to offer a prayer or word of encouragement. Sometimes the sunsets and the night falls on people, places and things you're connected's up to you what you choose to do when the darkness comes.


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