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Heart of a Fighter!

The enemy has a very sneaky subtle way of keeping you away from those who cover you in prayer. He'll go to ANY length to keep you from getting to them because he knows that you'll get them (the aggravated, wounded, broken etc) to HIM (Christ)! He (The devil) knows that if you stay around those prayer warriors long enough you'll mess around and get delivered!! He has NO NEW TRICKS!!!! Same lamp different shade!!! You have to be wise enough to know which direction you should flow in and discerning enough to peep what the enemy is trying to do to YOU and ALL that's connected to you!! Be careful, the enemy's ploy is to divide and conquer...steal, kill and destroy. I promise you one thing, I refuse to willingly hand over what's mine! I've sown too many years in tears to have the devil roll up on me and take what has MY name written all over it!!! I've always had to fight like HELL to keep the enemy off of what belongs to me, it's cool cause IDGT!!!! Giving up is NEVER an option. I have no clue about what you might do but Imma keep fighting cause a winner don't quit on themselves.

#brokenwomenwin #BrokenWomenWin #Love #Fighter #Prayer #Covering #Discernment #Warfare



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