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Self Admiration

Today, I bought flowers for someone special…me. It only made sense that I tell myself how proud of me I am! So many times as women we look for someone else to assist us in feeling beautiful or so graciously give us what we’re lacking, but in all actuality no one can gift us with what we do not possess within our own souls. Too often, we pour out continuously taking care of everyone else but self…and its heart breaking because we’re left alone, heavy and empty. In our daily lives we must remember to place the rescue mask on ourselves FIRST before running without looking both ways to the aide of those around us. We need constant self reminders of how amazingly strong we are…what we’ve encountered but most of all, how much we’ve survived. I may not know what tomorrow or even the next moment holds, none of us do…but one thing I refuse to be is a victim or an event planner for self pity parties with chairs for 2 guests…. misery and defeat.

I AM the strongest kind of strong you can imagine…encouraging, resilient, clothed in determination and wrapped in perseverance. I am NOT defined by my past or what my current condition is…..because I understand suffering is only for a moment and HE will place me permanently on a firm foundation! I believe with my whole heart that my very existence is needed in this world. I am bathed with my faith in the sweetest aura that reminds you of papaya and blue agave nectar….. I exude an anointing HE placed on my life that cannot be duplicated. I’m come with peace in one hand and a laughter in the other….I’m witty with a spiritual strength so deep, even hell's gates tremble at the sound of my voice. I am comfortably weird created from a broken mold with a hunger for authenticity…. my mind, soul, spirit and discernment combined are gifted lethal weapons with the ability to speak, compose, sing and write about whatever my heart sees fit.

Yes I, Ashley LeeAnn….am a chosen lioness, a praying seeking the face of Christ warrior of my era…. Shoot, I’m the Sugar Honey Ice Tea and I don’t NEED your validation of who HE created me to be! No one will out love ME more than ME….my self love is as strong as my word game and I will accept nothing less than Gods very best for me. So from this day forward, I will be taking care of Ashley FIRST…I’m no good to anyone if I’m empty. Some things just need to be made clear, and this is one of them. I will not be altered or tailored to fit what makes YOU comfortable or to fit into mediocrity! My Father created my existence and I’m HAPPY BEING ME! This IS my written truth.


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