Life In Full Bloom

In times past, I was saturated with mourning without her glory. I’ve been planted, uprooted to be replanted, wilted more times than I can count only to be watered to bloom again. Taking roots in familiar yet unfamiliar territory is the beauty of surrendering all to my Father, and it's a beautifully chaotic adventure. I’m so thankful in every season of my life that God has been and will always be beyond faithful. I’ve been through a lot and survived what would’ve killed many. Because of this supernatural resilience, hope and tenacity to survive I’ve held on to God for dear life. No matter how dark my life became, I could never totally give up on everything...I came close (heels on the edge) but couldn’t leave the cliff. Now, I am rising like the Son who illuminates my life and blooming from the wounds where I once bled. 🙏🏾♥️






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