The Newness....

On this journey I’ve learned showing up for myself and being unapologetically transparent with my story will make some people squeamish and flat out uncomfortable. But I refuse to give you a bubblegum truth that will inevitably keep you bound to the enemy’s schemes and pitfalls. . . Yes, I’ve made mistakes, I’ve fallen and wanted to run and hide because I disappointed God by walking contrary to His will. Most important thing is I survived. “IT” didn’t kill me, and I don’t look like what I’ve been through! The pain only only made stronger more resilient and wiser. . . I choose to be transparent with my walk to snatch others out of the pit of despair! I understand, everyone won’t agree with me, celebrate me or even cheer me on in my current and future endeavors, and I’m okay with that. But there are a few things I will never allow others to take away from me: my faith, joy, my ability to remain steadfast, and my freedom! . . I didn’t pop up out of nowhere, SHE, ME, HER has gone through one hell of a process and has been proven to be worthy of ALL my Daddy God has for me! XoXo #BrokenWomenWin



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