Marble Surface
Ashley LeeAnn

Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created...

~Esther 4:14


Some may think I’m too transparent about what God has delivered me from but if my transparency will help another sister or brother attain wholeness along the way, my mission is accomplished and my life will remain an open book! — For the record, there are days when I don’t know if I can see beyond the pain I may be feeling at the moment or I may have a hard time seeing because my eyes are almost swollen shut from crying the night prior. However, there’s a song (Beautiful remix) by Canton Jones that’s my FAVORITE to sing to myself when I feel defeated, I need to remind myself of my femininity, assure myself that I am enough and realize I’m magical & women like me don’t happen often. Some da

Just Thoughts

2018 has been a very tough season of life and God’s love, grace and mercy shown toward me is an impeccable word not yet discovered. My heart is full because of His love for me and even when my eyes are swollen from the many tears this “strong one” has shed, God is gently teaching me daily I can lose a lap or two and still win the race. — Maybe this small bit of transparency will help someone not give up along the way. I’m not above understanding your pain and brokenness; neither am I the Christ-follower who has it all together or pretend to. I know what it feels like to be discarded and left for dead by individuals, situations etc. To be in the midst of people and feel invisible, looked over

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