Marble Surface
Ashley LeeAnn

Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created...

~Esther 4:14

The Pursuit of Peace

As I sit here reflecting over my life there's a question I ask myself....what's next. After experiencing most major hurdles and accomplishments in life what am I left to strive for or achieve? Well, some may say to go back to school but is that really fulfilling? I pride myself on being a great wife, awesome mother, witty daughter, cool big sister and spectacular friend. Truth is, I fall short and I'm quickly reminded that I'm human. I'm reminded that there's no perfect being or perfect being in a perfect situation. I've sought peace in so many different areas of my life and they all bring me back to the same place....God. Peace, happiness and joy from achieving what seemed to be hard or imp

Defected Connections

I'm not afraid of missteps, losing or having to press the reset button on life; I've been there...already survived that. What I'm most leery of is being connected to the wrong people when I'm winning. As quiet as it may be kept, there are some who only hang on to you just to keep tabs on your progress...or lack there of. They're not all the way FOR you or AGAINST you...they're lukewarm. They half way celebrate your achievements then rip you apart behind the scenes. These are the ones you feel uneasy around/talking to. They know ALL about you but theyre noticeably private when divulging anything about themselves. You can't quite put your finger on it but you know in your spirit something ain'

Heart of a Fighter!

The enemy has a very sneaky subtle way of keeping you away from those who cover you in prayer. He'll go to ANY length to keep you from getting to them because he knows that you'll get them (the aggravated, wounded, broken etc) to HIM (Christ)! He (The devil) knows that if you stay around those prayer warriors long enough you'll mess around and get delivered!! He has NO NEW TRICKS!!!! Same lamp different shade!!! You have to be wise enough to know which direction you should flow in and discerning enough to peep what the enemy is trying to do to YOU and ALL that's connected to you!! Be careful, the enemy's ploy is to divide and conquer...steal, kill and destroy. I promise you one thing, I refu

Candidly Speaking....

So I own this gift, really its one of the few things I feel I know how to do well...the only thing that comes naturally and flows like warm honey over your favorite decadent dessert. I've always felt I was perhaps born within the wrong time area or region because I am the odd one of the family. I'm the one who doesn't completely follow the rules or conform to the traditional career path that's smiled upon...I'm from the south, Selma Alabama to be exact. I've wasted so many years trying to figure myself out by attempting to line up with characteristics and standards others believe I should conform to. Taking on dead in jobs and searching out careers with good pay just too keep myself and fami

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