In the Beginning....


From early on Ashley knew she was different and set aside to do great things in the kingdom; with time and hard-hitting orchestrated life experiences, she gained a strong understanding of what her calling was. Ashley never fit into the status quo and wasn't your cookie-cutter victim of circumstance, her footsteps are ordered by God to share all she's been delivered from.


As she weathered life's storms, she realized the strong and resilient spirit God placed within her was intended to encourage and strengthen others in areas of brokenness she's more than familiar with. Because of these turn of events, Ashley realized early in life that God gifted her with the creative ability to captivate an audience with wordplay so eloquently written, even the youngest audience member could grasp the concept of her message.


Broken Women Win is a movement and God-given passion of Ashley designed to push and encourage broken/hurting women forward into a realm of restoration and wholeness through Jesus Christ!  


About Ashley


Ashley was born in 1982 to Pastors Frank and Ellen Boggan where she was raised in Historic Selma Alabama with her younger sibling Kendra. Ashley now resides in Atlanta Georgia with her awesome and energetic sons Aiden & Austin!


 Ashley accepted her call to ministry in 2005 and preached her first sermon in 2013 while eight months pregnant with her second son Austin. As life took a tumultuous turn, she suffered two broken marriages and separation from the church due to personal brokenness and feeling unaccepted.


God placed a church family and pastor in her path amid the pain and drama she was experiencing, to love and restore her back to wholeness. As a result, Ashley formed an unbreakable bond with her pastor and first lady who encouraged and prayed for her strength and peace in The Lord during her most difficult times!


In November of 2015, Ashley received her license and ordination to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ from iMpact Christian Church, A Kingdom Agenda Fellowship, Inc; where Apostle Keith L. Moore is the Senior Pastor and founder.


Ashley relocated to Huntsville, Alabama in 2015 for a fresh start and to gain her footing. While apart from the church, she met and married for the second time in 2017 and went through a second broken marriage less than a year later. With two divorces under her belt, she's determined to be the voice of broken women seeking acceptance and worth in everything but Christ.


 The pieces of divine destiny and ministry are finally coming together just as God intended. There's much excitement to anticipate in the future as Ashley's purpose and calling are sharpened and made manifest! Come along and enjoy the ride! 



What's Next?!


Ashley launched Broken Women Win Podcast in May of 2018, available on all major digital platforms. She also currently working on 3 books, one including poetry! Stay tuned for upcoming events!





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